Puppet Theatre “Tumba Lumba”, Puppet Theatre Bourgas in Cambridge

Puppet Theatre “Tumba Lumba”,  Puppet Theatre Bourgas in Cambridge


Director: Christina Arsenova
Scene: Emeliyana Andonova-Toteva
Cast: Nedelina Roselinova, Dian Rusev, Rumyana Kraleva Georgi Minkov

TUMBA-LUMBA is a word-picture of the rhythm and sound of the drum – the elder of the Bulgarian folk percussion instruments. It is a rhythm throbbing with the heart – beat which makes our blood vibrate to the beat of the music and stirs our nature into an exuberant, perfectly harmonious dance – the dance of life.This is the dance of life depicting the sunrise, the wealth of seasons’ colour, the rapture over the rich harvest and the joy of existence.Deeply rooted in folk art the ‘tumba-lumba’ rthythm touches the very depths of our souls filling them to the brim with genuine gaiety and optimism.You can see fragments of life of work, love life and mystic experiences of the Bulgarian and all that performed by means of expression of one completely different ritual puppet theatre.

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