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The Bulgarian Cultural Institute London (BCI London) is Bulgaria’s official organisation in the UK which promotes Bulgarian culture, knowledge and tourism, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Institute is open to engage in any form of collaboration and partnership project work; with potential partners ranging from government agencies to NGOs, limited companies and individual artists or cultural promoters. The majority of the Institute’s work is aimed not only at Bulgarians, but at those from or living in the UK who may have an interest in the culture and history of Bulgaria.

Dedicated to enhancing knowledge and appreciation of Bulgarian culture, the Bulgarian Cultural Institute London organises and supports a wide spectrum of innovative programmes, including the promotion of Bulgarian art and artists in the UK. The Institute’s ultimate goal is to draw attention to the great achievements within Bulgaria’s vast cultural history, as well as to those of current artists and performers, new and seasoned alike. We also aim to encourage collaborations between Bulgarians and Britons, be it on an individual or higher level.

We are currently working to develop several cultural programmes and partnerships, with the intention of stimulating direct experience of Bulgarian culture, and its diversity, through various forms of the creative arts and more. These include theatre, film, music, visual arts exhibitions, literature, ethnographic heritage, urban culture, interactive workshops, discussions, and more!

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Your Opinions and Comments about the Bulgarian Cultural Institute London:

“We were at the exhibition opening of Alexander Kaprichev at BCI London. We would just like to say thank you for the wonderful organisation and the opportunity to be close to some beautiful art.”
Lucy Barzanova on the opening of a retrospective exhibition by Alexander Kaprichev

“Thank you for the enjoyment and the experience of the Bulgarian theatrical arts. I wish you luck, health and days full of smiles!”
Nina Junova on the guest performance of ‘Old Clown Wanted’ by the troupe of the Bulgarian National Theatre ‘Ivan Vazov’

“Thank you for the pure enjoyment we felt!”
Nina Ivanova on the guest performance of ‘Old Clown Wanted’ by the troupe of the Bulgarian National Theatre ‘Ivan Vazov’

“BCI London charges me with positive energy and pleasant emotions. After which, I feel like flying!”
Tatiana Hristova

“These words are not only of thanks, but also of surprise. Over the last week, I participated in two events organised by BCI London, and without any excess pathos I can summarise as follows: Bulgarian culture is presented in London at a level suitable for London. Not only location-wise, but also in terms of atmosphere within the premises, the breadth of the programme, the tone and style of communication, and the quality of the guests and participants… There is no hint of any provincialism, negativity or ‘passing off’; all so typical of the usual Bulgarian presence abroad. I believe this is owing to an invisible force, yet one which gave life to the Institute, and inspiration to its team and foremost, its Director. This force can be described as people who are able to find links and doors bteween different cultures and are able to open and sustain them effectively.”
Docent Georgi Lozanov

“An unforgettable evening, thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
Elena Ganeva on the literary evening presenting the biographical book ‘Messenger of males times’

“A wonderful evening and a very impressive programme. It’s a wonder that such an organisation with such good taste and passion for its work exists. Bulgarian Cultural Institute London, you have my respect!”
Viara Krasteva on the presentation of Zlatna Kostova, a poet, journalist and interpreter

“Bravo e Bravissimo Jassen Ghiuselev and BCI! Ciao!”>
Alzek Mishev on the exhibition by the world famous illustrator, Yassen Gyuzelev






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