Musical performance ‘The heart of the watermelon’

21 February (Thursday) 2019, 7pm, ‘Sofia’ gallery

Free registration for the event HERE.

The Bulgarian Cultural Institute London invites you to the musical performance by Gabriella Hadzsikosztova and Nikolay Ivanov ‘The heart of the watermelon’. The musical project is the result of years of searching of two artists who met at a crossroad among the multiple open routes in a new globalised world in which technology defines the beauty of Life and Art is somewhere there…

A world in which everything happens so rapidly that even during one lifetime traditions and emblematic cultural values fade away. A word where for one reason or another thousands of Bulgarians have dispersed from Alaska to Australia and somewhat vaguely keep deep inside a part of their roots. It is to these roots that Gabriella Hadzsikosztova and Nikolay Ivanov direct their artistic energy. Taking Stratiev’s text as a starting point, in an unexpected manner the artists seek and find the Bulgarian. Traditional songs, different texts, proverbs, and neo-folk themes by Nikolay Ivanov merge together under the form of Cross Culture. All of this is colourfully enhanced by gospel, jazz, electro sounds, ethno influences from other cultures, heated and tender strings, wild piano, and exotic percussion and flute. The answer to ‘Who are we?’ and ‘Where are we?’ is like the big river in Life which sings with million voices among which, somewhere there, burns the heart of the Bulgarian.

Vocal – Gabriella Hadzsikosztova

Nikolay Ivanov OM – synthesiser, guitar, tambura, vocal, flute and percussion

Music and musical arrangement – Nikolay Ivanov

In the album have been used texts by: Stanislav Stratiev, Yordan Radichkov, Kerana Angelova, Kristina Hadzhipetkova, Radostina Angelova


The concert will also be performed on 22 February (Friday) 2019.



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