‘The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices’ live in London

24 January (Thursday) 2019 , Kings Place (Hall One), 8pm

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The concert is part of London A Cappella Festival which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2019. The choir’s concert will promote their new album released in March 2019 ‘BooCheeMish’. Several songs in it are featuring the acclaimed Australian singer Lisa Gerrard, thereby uniting two of the most distinctive vocal acts working in music. Many of the songs on ‘BooCheeMish’ are written, arranged and produced by Petar Dundakov.While some are fully original pieces, others are based on folklore songs and dances with original material added.Gerrard, who is also well known for her movie soundtrack work on films such as ‘Gladiator’ and ’The Insider’, has often spoken about the influence the choir exerted on her singing technique when she discovered their music in the early 1980’s. In successfully connecting Bulgarian folklore with other traditions and cultures, the album retains the unique identity of the voices, vocal styles and techniques of the individual choir members,even when allying them with acoustic accompaniment such as stringed instruments and various types of percussion, including beatbox

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