CANCELLED! Mysteries of Bulgarian History

Dear friends,
We would like to inform you that the event “Mysteries of Bulgarian History” on March 20th has to be cancelled due to the growing epidemic, caused by COVID-19.

Under the provisions of the Foreign Office due to precautionary measures concerning the epidemic, caused by COVID-19, the holding of big events and the gathering of many people in one place is prohibited in the buildings of the Bulgarian Embassy and Bulgarian Cultural Institute London from 09.03.2020 until second order.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Free registration for the event HERE

The BCI London invites you to the presentation of novelist, translator and new Bulgarian citizen Christopher Buxton and his new novel, The Devil’s Notebook, now published in English and Bulgarian. Friday 20 March19.00, “Sofia” Gallery.

It’s the time of Freddy and the Dreamers and Christine Keeler. A young woman has been found murdered in a Wiltshire wood. At the local prep school, the head-teacher strives to keep the vulgar world outside his gates, but special boy Buck has found a clue. And soon the woods on the estate are being trampled not only by the local police, but by agents of a foreign power. For one of the teachers, a mysterious book awakens long suppressed memories. Could it be that a nation’s hero has uncloaked himself in a cynical litany of evil? Teacher and pupil are both in danger as the cold war waters lap at the very walls of Cottston School. A tour de force – it’s as if John Buchan and William Golding had shared a typewriter.


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