Theatre Performance: Mrs. Natural Disaster

Bulagarian Embassy’s Halls 7:00 p.m
PLEASE NOTE: this event is now fully booked!

Author: Aldo Nikolai
Cast: Stoyanka Mutafova, Iren Krivoshieva, Nikolay Atanasov – Shushi

Stoyanka Mutafova is possibly the most loved, cherished and adored Bulgarian theater actress, who has been writing the story of the Bulgarian theater for the last 75 years. She is most well-known for the play “Mrs.Natural disaster”, which seems to be written and dedicated especially to her great personality. Mrs. Natural Disaster is Stoyanka Mutafova’s crowning role. Her character is that of a pushy and attractive old lady, who is strongly determined to be the center of attention even at her declining years. The sequence of comic situations, in which her daughter and notorious neighbor take part, brings strong emotions and tears of laughter to the audience. Mrs. Mutafova, the icon of Bulgarian theater is often called Mrs. Stihiyno bedstvie because of her temper. Even the book, written by her daughter, Muki, telling the incredible story of Stoyanka Mutafova’s life, is carrying that very same title.

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