Film Screening: The March of Letters (documentary)

Sofia Gallery, 7 pm

Special Guests:
Ralitza Dimitrova – Director
Plamen Gerasimov – Director of Photography

The March of Letters (documentary)

with english subtitles

Script: Desislava Naydenova, PhD, Ralitza Dimitrova
Director: Ralitza Dimitrova
Director of Photography: Plamen Gerasimov
Sound: Mariana Valkanova, Alexander Simeonov, Ivan Andreev, Stefan Makedonski,
Editing: Marieta Tchoukovska, Ralitza Dimitrova
Director of Production: Maya Drazheva
Producer: Plamen Gerasimov (B Plus Film Ltd.)
Production Year: 2015
This is a travelogue in time and space beginning in the IX century and reaching to
today’s reflections on the mission of Cyril and Methodius.
Why is their deed so important for all Slavic nations in the most important moments of their
history and even up to the present day?
Who is St. Methodius – assistant and companion of his younger brother Constantine-Cyril or
the true Baptist of the Bulgarians, Slovaks, Czechs and Poles?
Answers to these and other questions are sought by scientists from different countries, by
children and artists, by guardians of temples and legends we meet along the journey of
Cyril and Methodius and the alphabet they created.

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