Film screening of the documentary “Katya Paskaleva – The Last Role”

13 December, Wednesday, 7 pm, “Sofia” Gallery

Free event registration HERE

The life of film legend Katya Paskaleva presented in a documentary by Georgi Toshev will be shown at BCI London.

Special guest: Georgi Toshev

“Katia Paskaleva – The Last Role”

Scriptwriter: Georgi Toshev
Producer: Georgi Toshev
Director: Emma Konstantinova
Operator: Rumen Vassilev

“Katya Paskaleva – The Last Role” is an attempt to arrange the puzzle of a dynamic, joyful and painful life. For the first time, facts from the actress’s biography reveal features of her creative and lifestyle. The basis of the film is the story of the Petrich girl growing up in an ordinary family in Pernik, who finds in her childhood that the only way to escape the mediocrity and monotony of being is the scene. “Katia Paskaleva – The Last Role” is a film about silent opposition in the years of socialism, about the talent that talks about the freedom through her roles. The film is about that invisible dramatic relationship between audience and star, expectations, personal life, fears, hopes.

“I knew Katya Paskaleva for the last 15 years of her life. My approach to her became gradual. I watched her, studied it, admired her over the years. We were together on stage in Chekhov’s Seagull, by the director Dimitar Nedkov at the Sliven Theater. We’ve become friends. She had passed away silently as she had lived. Years passed, and her place in cinema and theater was empty … I wanted to tell her story. This story reflects the way of a beloved actress, the dreams and the being of a person who defends her freedom until the end … The film about Katia Paskaleva is an attempt to look at our recent past with other eyes”, explains the writer and producer of the film – Georgi Toshev.

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