Exhibition opening by Deyan Mihov

9 December, Saturday, 16:00, “Sofia” Gallery

Free event registration HERE

Special guest: Deyan Mihov

Banker during the day, a painter at night, in the last two years Mihov’s name comes out of the frame of a banker from London City and turns into an artist receiving positive criticism from the world artistic scene.

Mihov began his art in 2015 as an exercise in mindfulness and creativity, which has progressed since on a self taught path. His art is often inspired by semiotics and is designed to challenge the thinking of the observer with the unravelling of a story in each of his works.

Mihov often utilises oils in combination with precious metals to generate the illusion of minute, constantly occurring colour changes, dependent on the intensity of light and the observers’ viewing point. This is part of Mihov’s aim to question the conditions of appearance and perception.

Works have been featured in Forbes Magazine among other US and UK media outlets.

During October 2016 and February 2017, two paintings were made as billboards and exhibited on the London Tube and LA’s Grand Union Station respectively.

Art pieces have found homes with collectors from the UK, Europe and South East Asia.

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