17 March, Friday, Sofia Gallery, 7 pm

Polina Gerdjikova is an architect, designer and artist. She has had 20 individual paintings exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. Her last exhibitions “THE LIGHT – A METAPHOR OF THE SPIRIT’’, dedicated to the International Year of Light of UNESCO, were shown at the COUNCIL OF EUROPE / Strasbourg, (03.03.2016) and at the State Cultural Institute of MFA of Bulgaria under the patronage of  UNESCO. Their common concept reflects the view of the artist, that the Light is an eternal image of THE ONE SINGLE CONSCIOUSNESS, what created everything – according to the modern physics, the Christianity, the ancient religions. That’s why symbolic interpretations of the Light present in all history – from the archaeological artefacts, through the Sacred geometry to the theories of science and philosophy.

Polina created the LOGO of the Bulgarian Chairmanship of the Council of Europe (2016). Her paintings are featured in private collections in Japan, USA, France, Russia, Israel, Argentina, Tunis, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany, India, China, Netherlands and Bulgaria.

The paintings in this exhibition are devoted to the LIGHT and to the continuity of the Light symbols through the centuries – from the Neolithic culture of the Mother, the Black Sea civilizations from around 6000 B.C., the Thracian and the Christian civilizations, up until now.
Polina Gerdjikova says: “I am convinced that the purpose of the art is RE-LIGIO – Religion according the modern interpretation means recreating the bond between Man and Divine, recall the feeling of oneness with the other people, of oneness with the Universe-Light.


  1. A wonderful exhibition from a talented artist! Congratulations to Polina and the BCI for arranging this. Please put on the website how long the exhibition runs for! I can’t see an end date for it.

    • Hello Philip,
      Apologies for the delayed response. You are quite right, we missed to mention a closing date!
      The exhibition was closed by the end of March.
      I am taking note of your comment, will make sure it won’t happen again.
      There is a fantastic Bulgarian painter, Stanimir Genov, currently presented in a collective show, with 16 other artists, by Contemporary Balkan Art (http://contemporarybalkanart.com/) at the Library Private Club, opposite Coliseum Theater. It closes this Thursday, 11 May. It’s worth visiting.
      Best regards,
      Iva S.
      Associate PR

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