Artist: Vasil Dokev – Vado

Exhibition opening

Symbols of Time

Artist: Vasil Dokev – Vado

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Monday 08th April, 19:00, Sofia Gallery
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Vado knows how to present the issues that excites him in a warm and lively manner, with an attractive brightness and opulent imagination, creating with ease entire composition of purely abstract elements. This is achieved with the mastery of the colour palette – noble in the soft combination, light and pleasant, rhythmical by the surprising accents of pure colour, straight from the tube. Something that reminds us the sudden shouts of the folk singers and dancers. But this is only one of the musical elements in Vado’s art which is really melodic in its association, with a good rhythmical composition. The power of its impact is in the free movement of the artist’s hand on the canvas. The idea – profound, serious and well-mature, is realized with marked spontaneity.

Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov

Art critic, Sofia, Bulgaria


The Bulgarian artist Vado for a short time acquired quite safe value in Switzerland where he is working and from where he started to conquer Europe and USA through his exhibitions attracting the attention of the art connoisseurs. Vado turns back to the most ancient and authentic ethnographic traditions inspiring him to re-create in a professional manner the roots of the human values. In order to infiltrate in the mysterious character of his paintings we have to look back to the first scripts, to the ideograms and cryptograms, to the sacred ceremonial language of the ancient times. Vado translates this language and this strength, originality and poetics of his works, where the abstract is in favor of the emotion.

Lia Kasper

Galerie Pro Arte Kasper, Lausanne, Switzerland


Inspired by the ancient ideograms, through the magic of his imagination Vado speaks the sacred language in a modern way. Indeed, this is the sensitivity of the artist not of the paleographer. Using the symbols and signs as a philosophical springboard for his pure fantasy. The stylized geometrical forms become fantastic, alive with the engraved surfaces and sumptuous colours: the naïve grass-green, the mysterious indigo-blue, the spontaneous yellow – straight from the tube. Fascinating paintings that keep the surprises: the love for the detail, as well as the sense of the form keeps equal value of the art work.

24 Heures, Lausanne, Switzerland

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