Sofia Gallery, 7 o’clock

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BCI London invites you to the presentation of the first volume of the collection of radio talks “ Five minutes with Petar Uvaliev “ and a conversation with Dr. Ognyan Kovachev.

There will be also a film showing of Trial and Error (1962) 76 min,

screenplay by Peter Uvaliev aka Pierre Rouve,

starring Peter Sellers and Richard Attenborough

Petar Uvaliev (1915-1998), also known as Pierre Rouve, was one of the
Influential Bulgarian intellectuals of the second half of the 20th century.
Diplomat, theatre director, film maker and art critic as well as translator
And radio playwright, he had over 20 productions in London theatres.

He participated in the creation of 24 films, was executive producer of Antonioni’s “ Blow-up” (1966) and directed “ Stranger in the House”
(1967) with James Mason and Geraldine Chaplin.

For 50 years he gave his weekly talks in the Bulgarian section of BBC Radio London, where he was freelance contributor. True to his name, Petar worked tirelessly to build a cultural bridge between Bulgaria and the West. Thanks to his talks, he became a spiritual and professional
Example for generations of Bulgarians.

His collection of articles and reviews dating from 1936-1946, “Film Cumbs” (1980) has also been translated into Bulgarian.

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